Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yes to Sedaris; No to new KIND bar

It turns out that everyone was right... David Sedaris is quite a funny guy! I'm about 70 pages into Me Talk Pretty One Day (five short stories), and I'm really liking it! A total opposite of Protect and Defend. His writing is humorous, witty, sarcastic, and insightful... all things I love. And for some reason, he reminds me of my friend Gary a lot. (That's a compliment, Gar-Bear!)

Now, the not-so-great find. I tried my new Banana and Oatbran KIND bar today as my pre-workout snack. I think maybe the Walnut and Date flavor set the bar too high (no pun intended!), because this one was just, well, not so much. First of all, I didn't taste a trace of anything resembling banana or oatbran. All I tasted was sticky, sweet coconut. Now, I like coconut, so this didn't really bother me. I checked the nutrition facts to read the ingredients, and it certainly claimed to have banana and oatbran flavors in it (in fact, it listed dried bananas above coconut... I find that hard to believe!). I was also shocked to take a closer look at the label and see that my "healthy" nutrition bar had a whopping 6 grams of saturated fat. Yowza!!!! I didn't like it nearly enough to make it 30% of my daily dose of saturated fat. So needless to say, it won't be making it into my usual rotation of energy bars.

Plus, I noticed a typo on the packaging! In the ingredient list, this caught my eye: "....vitmains (B1, B2, Niacin, Folate)..." Vitmains!!! LOL. That cracked me up... but also kind of makes me a little wary of KIND's credentials. They need to hire some better proofreaders! :-D

Tonight is a random dinner concoction I made up a while ago that I absolutely love and hadn't had in a while:

DSCI0443 DSCI0444 It's Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs (Turkey Meatballs also work very well), brown rice, spinach, and a plethora of spices- chopped onion pieces, garlic powder, crushed red pepper, chili powder, a dash of curry powder, and Trader Joe's Chile Pepper Sauce (a new find that I love love love!) all mixed together. Followed by a few pieces of pineapple and some cherries to help my mouth recover from all the delicious spicy goodness that was dinner.

Now I'm off to relax! Hope everyone had a good Wednesday! We're halfway through the work week- yay! :-)


just me said...

wow, that meal looks so good..i haven't had meatballs of any sort in years...i need to look at trader joes for those meatless meatballs!

Anita said...

Melissa- Yes, I HIGHLY recommend these... they are absolutely delicious, have lots of protein, and taste just like real meatballs! I love them!