Friday, August 1, 2008

While we wait...

So my roommate still isn't home yet, but that's okay. Because it gives me time to put away my laundry, put my sheets in the dryer, and brag about the delicious concoction I made for dinner.

My shrimp stir-fry turned out good, for the most part. I'm constantly inspired by healthy eating/food blogs (see "Blogs I'm Addicted to") for new meal ideas. I'm not a food blogger by any means and probably never will be, especially because I bring the same exact breakfast and lunch to work every single day, so my food blog would be seriously boring. The only meals I ever change up are dinner and dessert. And yet, I never get tired of my breakfast or lunch, ever. But I think that people would get sick of seeing identical meals every single day. But maybe once in a while, I'll post an exciting dinner.

Tonight classified as an exciting dinner:


(Like my snazzy Target placemats?)

DSCI0375 This was a concoction- it's hard to see- I apologize. But it consisted of:

Trader Joe's pre-cooked shrimp, frozen pepper and onion mix, frozen broccoli, frozen crinkle-cut carrots, and mushrooms, on top of a serving of Trader Joe's whole-wheat couscous (1/3 cup, all I had left in the box anyway... I'll have to pick some more up during my next TJs trip!). I'm a bit of a spice girl, and so I added crushed red pepper, curry powder, and black pepper, chili powder, and a splash of chili pepper sauce (plus Wasabi on the side to dip my chopsticks in- I also had hot mustard but ended up not using it):

And I ate most of it with chopsticks! I had to give up when there was only about 1/4 left... my chopstick skills aren't perfect yet. Anyway, it was absolutely delicious! Very yummy, spicy, filling, and healthy... my favorite things!

And here's my need-to-use-up-my-produce side salad, which I also ate with chopsticks:

DSCI0377 This was just arugula, a chopped tomato, some extra broccoli and carrots, and the last of my green olives, with light balsamic vinaigrette on the side. I used to hate green olives and only liked black olives, and now I don't really like black olives and I love green olives. Life is strange.  :-)

I need to clarify something here- I just recently started to get into cooking (I subsisted on Lean Cuisines for, like, four years), and while I love trying out new recipes, I'm a bit of a Lucy Ricardo in the kitchen... I mean well, but I usually have some sort of minor catastrophe. I overcook something, overseason something, struggle with multitasking, etc. Very rarely is the meal prepared without some sort of tiny kitchen catastrophe. Tonight was no different:



*Sigh*. Yes, I did that. I don't know how, but I did that. I didn't even realize it until I went to clean up the dishes. I don't understand- it's a microwaveable bowl, or at least, that's how I've been treating it for the past year! I've used it tons of times! So I don't know what happened. I've checked it thoroughly and it's not broken, just cracked, and I don't see any missing pieces of glass, and so I am hoping that I didn't consume any. I hope my roommate isn't mad (this is her bowl). She accidentally broke a bowl of mine a month or so ago and I didn't care, so I'm hoping this makes us even. And even if she is mad, I hope she doesn't take it out on Book Debut and refuse to be the photographer. I guess we'll find out soon!

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