Monday, August 18, 2008

Truckin' along!

So I'm actually about one-third of the way into Beautiful Bodies already! I did a lot of reading today on my lunch break, and at the gym while on the epliptical machine (well, it's not exactly like the epliptical machine, but I don't know what it's called... this machine really works your booty like a stairmaster would, and it doesn't have "arms" like an epliptical machine does for you to hold on to, so it's kind of like if the stairmaster and the epliptical machine had a baby, it would be this machine, LOL). I should really ask someone at the gym what that machine is called. Anyway, they're a great workout, and the arm rests are the perfect size and lengths to prop a book open on, so when I use that machine, I normally take advantage of that and read a book- it makes the time just fly by! But, I totally digress).  The whole point of that ramble was that I'm already about one-third of the way into the book, and I only started it yesterday! I'm so efficient.   :-D

Anyway, so it's pretty good. It kind of reminds me of Friends meets Sex and the City. It's about six best friends living in New York, and the trials and tribulations of their everyday lives (including their love lives, of course!). They're getting together for a party to celebrate the recent news that one of them is pregnant, and has decided to raise the baby on her own as a single mother. They're best friends but they all are going through big changes in their lives that they're keeping secret for the night, so that they don't take away from the mama-to-be's big night (this isn't giving anything away; these are the first few chapters of the book, so don't worry... I don't believe in spoilers! In fact, I hate them!) So far I've been introduced to four characters- Jessie, the hostess of the party, a journalist who just fell head-over-heels in love while away on a business trip; Sue Carol, a struggling "wacktress" (waitress/actress- I love this term, haha) who literally just left her cheating husband while on the way to the party; Nina, who is caring for her dying mother; and Martha, a materialistic self-centered realtor who's obsessed with having a baby of her own (although, in my opinion, I don't think she'd make a very good mother, as she seems to be more interested in cashmere sweaters and expensive shoes, and she actually has a French chandelier in her bathroom... can you tell she's my least favorite character so far?) Anyway, since the characters are still being introduced to the book and each making their way to the party, so I'm interested to meet the other two characters (Lisbeth and Claire), and see how they interact with each other and how the story starts playing out. But so far, we're just getting introduced. But it's pretty good so far! I'm definitely into it.

Work was low-key today... no complaints here! In fact, my annoying cubiclemate (It is way too late and I am way too tired to get into why she's so annoying- I could go on for days with stories! Don't worry, I'm sure her anecdotes will appear on the blog every now and then) is on vacation for the next week- woo-hoo! I'm looking forward to the peace and solitude! The downside to that is that my other annoying cubiclemate, who normally latches on to the other annoying CM, will now latch on to me. Which means that for the next week, I'll get to be entertained with even more stories than usual about her menopause and various physical (and the occasional mental/emotional) ailments. Sigh. Thank God I'm allowed to listen to headphones at work!

Goodnight all!

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just me said...

i totally do the same thing at work...headphones in the ears and don't come out until someone actually HITS me to get my attention...LOL.

glad you're enjoying your book!