Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fun Saturday

Where did today go? How can it be almost 11? Saturdays are my favorite, yet they always seem to fly by and are over before I know it!

I had a great day! It started out kind of blah... I went to bed late, and got up early to check out a "multifamily yard sale" a few blocks over. The sale was supposed to be from 8-1, and I'm on a quest for cheap plastic patio chairs and a table for our balcony (believe it or not, I've checked Target, Wal-Mart, etc. and I can't find them anywhere! How is this possible??? Everyone in the free world has these!). Anyway, so I set my alarm for 8, got up, and drove to this yard sale... which was nowhere to be found! WTF? That was annoying. And weird. I drove up and down the block twice. Nothing. Strange. So I came home and dozed for about half an hour, and then I decided just to get up and get a head start on some errands and beat the crowds. I went to Trader Joe's, checked Five Below and Linens and Things for these chairs (nothing! Insane!), grabbed a Vanilla Caramel coffee from Berwyn Coffee Company (sooo yummy), and came home and fixed myself some oatmeal with a banana for breakfast, cause I was hungry. Then I read for a while, and walked around town to do some errands by foot because it was such a nice day outside today. So I figured I'd walk instead of drive. I walked to a nearby shopping center, browsed several stores, got a haircut (just a trim, nothing special!), etc. It was so nice just to walk around and enjoy the beautiful day that I took my sweet time doing everything.

After lunch and a shower, I decided that I was still tired but didn't want to take a nap, so I walked to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. I rarely go to Starbucks- I prefer to support independent coffeehouses- they're usually more eclectic and fun and interesting; plus, they have flavored coffee, and Starbucks doesn't, and I love flavored coffee. But my aunt gave me a $10 gift card, so I figured, why not use it? So off I went. I didn't want to get a plain cup of coffee, but I didn't want to waste half my card on some frou-frou fancy $5 drink either, so I compromised and got a nonfat Cafe au Lait/Caffe Misto, with a shot of sugar-free vanilla syrup. Why not? It was free.

And damn, was it tasty!!! I see now why people like Starbucks. I know it was just coffee and steamed milk, but it was pretty damn good!

And can we just talk about foam for a second here? The barista asked me if I wanted foam, and I just looked at her. No one ever asks me that. Whenever I get coffee, I'm just getting a plain coffee. I never order lattes or cappuccinos or anything like that,  plus they come with foam anyway. Foam is never presented to me as an option. So I said sure. Why not? And oh my God, was it delicious! I know it's just frothy skim milk, but for some reason, I could have just eaten a cup of it with a spoon, that's how much I liked it! I don't know what it was, seriously, but I was just digging the foam. And in general, it was just a really tasty drink. I wouldn't pay $2.50 for this drink on a regular basis (it is just coffee and steamed milk, plus the shot of sugar-free syrup), but at least I'll get a few more out of the gift card! I'll just have to ration the card. Hahaha. Now I want a cafe au lait maker!

I saw the movie Stepbrothers tonight with my friend Karen. It was pretty funny! Silly and stupid, in a good way, like all Will Ferrell movies. Not my absolute favorite Will Ferrell movie (that would have to be Anchorman, followed by Talladega Nights and Blades of Glory), but I definitely enjoyed it! Plus we saw a preview for a movie starring Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) coming out in two weeks called The Rocker that looks downright hysterical. We've already made plans to see it over Labor Day. Haha.

Now I'm home and tired from lack of sleep last night. I'll probably spend the rest of the evening doing some reading and writing in my journal while watching a few episodes of Sex and the City, and then go to bed, definitely earlier than I did last night. I don't want to sleep in too late tomorrow, because I want to get up and go to the produce store, Wegmans, and check K-Mart and a few other stores for these damn plastic chairs! I do not understand why I am having such struggles finding these, because I see them everywhere on everyone else's balconies! This is crazy!

Hope everyone had a great Saturday! Goodnight!   ;-)

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