Friday, August 29, 2008

Worst vacation day EVER

I did not have a very good day today. It started out pleasantly enough (despite the fact that it's been gray, rainy, and dreary all day... at least it wasn't cold out!). I woke up, enjoyed a nice bowl of Barbara's Multigrain Shredded Spoonfuls (my new love) with a banana (super-ripe, just how I like 'em!), some skim milk, and cinnamon. I ate in my pjs while channel-surfing. This was exciting for me, because I never sit around in my pajamas and eat breakfast, because on the weekends I'm usually so on-the-go trying to get everything done, so I normally get up, get dressed, make my bed, get all organized, then eat breakfast and am out the door ready to tackle the morning. well, not today. I was lazy and leisurely and it felt great! I'm definitely going to try to do that more often... there's no need to be on such a schedule on the weekends, you know? I don't know why I do that. My new philosophy should be, hey, it's the weekend... it'll get done when it gets done! :)

I can't get enough of this cereal, seriously:

DSCI0528 DSCI0536 (It gets all soggy at the bottom too... just like Life cereal!) :)

After breakfast, I did have some stuff I needed to get done though, so I got dressed, hit the gym and did a 1/2 hour on the epliptical while catching the last half of The Rachael Ray Show, and stopped by the optometrist's office to pick up my new reading glasses, which are so cute! And then I stopped at the library to drop off Mad Men because it was due today, and I picked up a few magazines to read at the gym, and as I was leaving, I BITCH-SMACKED a curb. I mean, hard. I thought I had hit something or someone at first. And of course it was my back right tire (my back tires were already dying; I knew that they weren't going to pass inspection in October, but I figured I'd worry about it then because the mechanic said the tires would be fine until then). I didn't know what to do. I was right by the Wal-Mart (which was my ultimate destination), and the car seemed driveable, I didn't feel my tire going flat or anything, plus the Wal-Mart has a Tire and Lube Express station, so I went there anyway. Of course, the Tire and Lube Express station was closed (I guess because of the holiday? This was Friday morning at 11 a.m., so I don't know what else the reason could be), picked up the few things I needed, high-tailed it out of there, and immediately drove to my auto mechanic, which isn't too far away from Wal-Mart and very close to my apartment. I explained what happened, and they took a look and said I should probably replace the tire today, and since I was replacing the one, I might as well replace them both since they were both in stock now, and it's better to replace them at the same time anyway. Since they weren't going to pass inspection anyway, I said to go ahead and do it. They did it very quickly- in about an hour, maybe less- and they were so nice about it, but still... this was not how I wanted to spend my vacation day! And it cost me $200! Argh!

Plus, I cried. I was so embarrassed that I did this, but I cried. Right in front of the mechanic. Like a total idiot. It just happened so quickly, and I was so frustrated because all I wanted to do was have a nice, relaxing vacation day (at the time I cried, I didn't realize it would only take an hour, I thought I would be there for, like, five hours), and instead I had to deal with this. I must have looked like a total idiot. Luckily, the mechanic was really nice about it- I apologized for being such a girl about the situation, and he said this was nothing compared to some of the women who came in, and that it was the tears that did him in anyway, LOL- but still. I was MORTIFIED. I still am. But at least now it's taken care of and they'll pass inspection in October. Plus I got a discount (they give my company's employees a discount because they get a lot of business from us), and now the tires will pass inspection. And I needed to get it done anyway, so it all kind of worked itself out, I guess.

Then I got home and got situated and unloaded the dishwasher, and put away all my stuff from Wal-Mart, and didn't end up sitting down to lunch until about 2:45 or so. I made a vegetarian hot dog and was going to have baby carrots on the side, but I found a moldy baby carrot in the bag (infuriating since I bought them not even a week ago and their expiration date isn't until mid-September), and that made me wary to eat any of them, so I threw them out. Luckily I have frozen crinkle cut carrots in the back, but I was still pissed. And the rest of the day was just blah from there. This didn't feel like a vacation day at all! Grrr.

At least I managed to put together a yummy dinner for myself: Chicken Stir-Fry:

DSCI0542 It's just boneless skinless chicken grilled up with a bit of TJ's Chili Pepper Sauce, some frozen Oriental blend veggies, and instant brown rice, with more chili pepper sauce (I can't get enough of this stuff!). With some pineapple tidbits on the side. Yummy goodness!

And finally, here's a pic of me in my new reading glasses!

DSCI0539 (Forgive the lack of makeup, haha)

Anyway, time for some rest and relaxation... hopefully the rest of the weekend is much better than today was! Hope you all had a great Friday night!!!

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just me said...

ah, i'm sorry your vacation day didn't work out how you wanted it to go!!!

but the glasses look great!!! i love the red!!! very gutsy to me!!! :D