Monday, August 4, 2008

Slow starts and slow endings...

This morning actually flew by pretty quickly at work, but then the afternoon just draaaaaged on. For some reason, the hour between 3 and 4 p.m. just feels like the absolute longest hour in the workday for me, even when I'm really busy. I don't know if the after-lunch sluggishness is kicking in (I take lunch from 1-2), or the fact that my workday is close to ending (I work until 4:30), or what, but I just lose all energy and focus during this hour, and I feel like it goes by painfully slow. By 4 I get some of my energy back, just in time to pack up for the day, haha.

I skipped the gym today and did a yoga tape at work instead. I usually skip the gym and work out at home on the first Monday of the new month. I do this because my gym has a Pizza Night on the first Monday of every month, where they bring in pizzas and it's $1 a slice for gym members. (I find the fact that my gym hosts a Pizza Night every month an oxymoron! They also have Bagel Mornings on the second Tuesday of every month. I guess that way you have to come back and work it off!) Since my gym is, literally, only one huge room of cardio machines and weights (which is why the membership fee is only $10 a month!), I have discovered that it is very, very difficult to concentrate and get in a good, long workout with the smell of hot, fresh pizza drifting throughout the gym. And it's not even good pizza- it's generic plain pizza from a generic plain pizza place- but the smell of pizza is always good, even when the pizza itself is not so great!) So long story short, that's why I skipped the gym. But it was nice to come home and do my yoga tape. I always feel calm, relaxed, and happy afterwards.

After I finished my yoga tape, I went outside on my patio and read for a while. Protect and Defend is slowly starting to pick up speed. At first, I wasn't really digging it, but it's slowly starting to get better! Let's hope it keeps getting better!

I tried out a new product for dinner, that's been sitting in my kitchen cupboard for a while now:

DSCI0407 It was pretty good! I'd buy it again. I had some spinach and crinkle-cut carrots with it, and sprinkled some crushed red pepper on top:

DSCI0409 Yum. Spicy. And even better, it makes two servings, which means I'm going to be enjoying this tomorrow night too. Ah, leftovers. You get a good meal twice and you only have to make it once. Life is good.   :-)

And now I'm spending the rest of the evening surfing the web, relaxing, and curling up in bed later tonight with my book... and maybe some Annie's Chocolate Bunny Grahams cookies... they are tasty, supercute, and very chocolatey... and because I have a strict rule to never go to bed without dessert.

Goodnight to all!   :-)

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