Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finished the book!

So I finished Me Talk Pretty One Day last night- it was great! I'm definitely now a Sedaris fan! I love his dry, sarcastic humor, and I love the observations he makes about everyday life, and how he points out the irony. Like there's this one short story that talks about how Sedaris walks into a coffee shop and sees multiple posters around the store telling customers not to take too many napkins because they're wasting and killing precious trees, yet the posters are printed on paper, and Sedaris also points out: "The cups, of course, are also made of paper, yet there's no mention of the mighty redwood when you order your four-dollar coffee. The guilt applies only to those things that are being given away for free. Were they to charge you ten cents per napkin, they would undoubtedly make them much thinner so you'd need to waste even more in order to fight back the piping hot geyser forever spouting from the little hole conveniently located in the lid of your cup." LOL, I loved this! This is so true! And this is pretty much the tone of every story.

CONCLUSION: This book was awesome! I'm looking forward to reading more of Sedaris's short stories in the future!

And this means... drumroll please... I get to pick a new book!

I picked a name out of the box (if anyone wants to help me name it, I'd love some input! I'm drawing a total blank at what to call it, but I feel that it should be named something, you know?) and came up with this:

DSCI0475Beautiful Bodies, by Laura Shaine Cunningham. Here's a synopsis from amazon: Serious journalist Jessie invites her five best friends for dinner and a celebration. The thirtysomething friends met when they first moved to New York and lived in the coop Theresa House. They become snowbound at Jessie's downtown loft during what is being touted as the storm of the century, pull an all-nighter, drink all the wine in the house, and bare their collective souls. Sue-Ellen, now working more as a waitress than an actress, has decided to leave her philandering husband; sensuous Nina is nursing her dying mother and depressed about her romantic relationships; frail Lisbeth thinks that she still has a psychic bond with her married boyfriend, whom she hasn't seen for a year; free-spirited Claire is single and pregnant; and successful real-estate agent Martha has more money than she knows what to do with but is unbelievably miserable. Cunningham excels at characterizations, drawing deft portraits of six women whom you will feel like you already know. This is a guilty pleasure of the first rank--impossible to put down and enormously entertaining.

I bought this off amazon a few years ago, and to be honest, the only reason I picked it was because I was buying some other books and I only needed a few more dollars' worth of items to qualify for the free shipping, haha. This was one of the bargain books available at the time and it cost just about what I needed to meet the free shipping requirement, and it sounded like a good book about female bonding, so into my shopping cart it went. So it's been sitting on my shelf for about three or four years unopened, and waiting to be read (incidentally, so are the other books I bought with this shipment... I told you I had an addiction... sigh. Well, they're all getting read now! Better late than never!!!). So it finally gets its turn!

It's too nice of a day here today to sit inside, so I think I'm going to sit on the balcony and start my book now. Then I'll make myself some lunch, and then maybe do some yoga and go to the pool, because it's just too beautiful outside not to be out enjoying it! I can't believe summer's almost over... I'm not ready to say goodbye.  :-(

I might post later with some weekend highlights, but for now, have a great day!

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