Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tried something new!

For your viewing pleasure, I bring you... Shrimp Vegetable Fried Rice, healthy-style!

DSCI0496 DSCI0492The last of my Egg Beaters (about 1/4 cup) scrambled, instant brown rice, frozen oriental veggies, and frozen precooked shrimp (with different sauces on the side to dip my chopsticks in- Wasabi, Chili Pepper Sauce, Hot Mustard, etc). This was yum. Definitely a repeat dish!

I am 2/3 of the way through Beautiful Bodies- so far still good! All six girlfriends just got to the party, and so the story is really getting underway now. This book could easily be a play, because the entire story takes place over the course of just one evening, plus the main event takes place in a loft- center stage! Haha.  :-)

Today was hectic at work. Tomorrow doesn't look much better. The downside of Annoying CM being out of the office is that I get twice the work. But I'd rather have twice the work than have her there!

Hope everyone's Humpday went well! Hang in there- the week's almost done!

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