Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quick Weekend Recap

So I had a pretty good weekend for the most part... on Saturday morning, I had to take my car in for an oil change, and was told that I would definitely need new rear tires soon... I'll be fine until inspection (which is in October), but I'll need to get them then or my car won't pass inspection. Boo-hiss. Tires aren't cheap. Sigh. Well, at least it's only two of them, and not all four.

On Saturday night I saw Pineapple Express with a few girlfriends. I love Judd Apatow films and I love Seth Rogen, so I thought it would be pretty good... but I didn't really like it! It was confusing, and weird, and there were definitely some funny parts, but for the most part, I just thought it was weird. My friends didn't really like it either. At one point, I looked over at one of my friends, and she was asleep! Oh well. The next movie I want to see is The Rocker, with Rainn Wilson. Now that looks hysterical!

Today I got up and did my usual trip to the produce store and Wegmans. And it was such a beautiful day here, sunny but not humid... I just couldn't sit inside. So I read outside for a while, and then later on in the afternoon I took a long stroll around my neighborhood. I must have walked around for about an hour... I want to soak up as much as this weather as I can before September hits!

I made some interesting meals over the weekend too, that I thought I'd share for my foodie readers:

DSCI0457    DSCI0462  This is the breakfast burrito that I made for dinner on Friday night. I used egg beaters (I bought them for the first time, and they are awesome!), frozen pepper and onion mix, reduced fat Colby Jack cheese, and a vegetarian breakfast pattie, topped with black beans. My wraps always, always fall apart no matter what, so Chandra over at Chandra's Shenanigans gave me some helpful tips on how to successfully roll up a wrap. The first time I tried it on Thursday night, it totally fell apart, but I think it's because I put the black beans inside the wrap, and I think they made the wrap too soggy. So I tried it again for dinner on Friday night (because I'm stubborn and wanted to try it again, plus, it was pretty damn delicious), this time putting the black beans on top of the wrap, and... 98% success! (I say 98% because it did tear a little tiny bit, as you can see in the first picture). Still... it's my most successful wrap to date! I'll never work at a sandwich shop with these subpar skills, but at least they're better than they were before! Thanks, Chandra! You rock!  :-)

I tried a stir-fry for dinner on Saturday night before the movies:

DSCI0467 DSCI0472 It's frozen pre-cooked shrimp, instant brown rice, frozen Oriental blend veggie mix, the rest of my black beans (I was trying to use them up), and TJ's chili pepper sauce all mixed together. Very yummy! In the back there is a little dish of pineapple, to go with the theme of the movie (yes, I am lame!).

And I made the best sandwich for lunch today:

DSCI0481 DSCI0483   I loved this. It's 3 oz smoked salmon (defrosted from my freezer), with arugula and Laughing Cow light Swiss on an English muffin, with a big bowl of strawberries and blueberries on the side. Soooo yummy... the perfect summer lunch!

I hope that everyone had a fun and fabulous weekend, and hopefully Monday isn't too stressful for everyone. I have one meeting tomorrow and a project to finish up but that's about it. I have a lot of meetings and training sessions lined up for the rest of this week and the rest of the month, so I'm fine with having a low-key Monday- the calm before the storm, right?   ;-)


just me said...

sounds like a nice weekend! and your burrito sounds delicious!! i wish i could wrap mine like you and chandra!

chandra said...

Hooray! I'm glad it worked! You do have to be a little careful about what ingredients you put directly on the wrap so it doesn't get soggy... I bet if you layed the beans between some of the egg it would work out too! Mmm... now I'm hungry for a wrap again!