Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dancing Like Nobody's Watching

I saw something pretty amusing at the gym today. I had just finished up my workout and was in the locker room getting changed. All of a sudden this woman bursts in, and she is totally rocking out to whatever she's listening to on her iPod... I'm talking full-fledged, dancing around, shaking her head, lip-synching the words, waving her arms around, her eyes closed, the whole bit. I couldn't stop watching her, and several other women were watching her too. And when the song was over, she just stopped, and she looked so happy. She wasn't at all embarrassed or shocked to see people looking at her- she truly looked like she could care less. She took off her headphones, saw a few of us staring, and said cheerfully, "I can't help it- I love that song. I have to do that whenever that song comes on."

Wouldn't it be great if we could all be a little more like that- just close our eyes and dance like no one's watching? And not even care if they are?  :-)

She is, officially, my Jukebox Hero of the Day.  

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