Sunday, November 16, 2008

Behind these hazel eyes

I forget to blog about the interesting thing that happened to me yesterday morning! I was all caught up in the excitement of the book sale, I guess!  :-D

So en route to the book sale, I stopped at 7-Eleven for a much-needed 24 oz. cup of coffee. While I was paying for my coffee, I had my head down because I was getting out my money, and all of a sudden, the cashier asks me, "Can I see your eyes again?" I was totally taken aback- nobody's really asked me that before! So I was like, um, sure... so I looked up and, well, made eye contact. It wasn't a very difficult request!  :-D   So then he went into how beautiful my eyes are, how green they are, how they really grabbed his attention, that he was jealous, did I want to switch eyes with him (his were brown), etc. Honestly, I wasn't sure if he was gay or hitting on me, but either way, I was extremely flattered! It's always nice to hear a random compliment from a total stranger. As if I wasn't already in a good enough mood to be heading to my favorite book sale!!!   :-D

So guess what these pretty hazel eyes did today? They went grocery shopping... in the dark! My grocery store had lost power! I was really surprised. It wasn't a bad day outside- it was chilly, but sunny, but it was very windy. I assume that the strong wind hit their power line, or something, but all of the other stores in the same shopping center had power, so I don't know. I was really surprised that they didn't have backup generators! Luckily the registers worked (of course, the one thing with the power is the machine that wants my money!), but the produce scales didn't work, the shelves were dark, etc. I could see enough to get what I needed, but it was still really strange! I don't think I've ever done that before! And luckily I didn't need too much. I didn't take pics or anything like other bloggers are known to do, but I will let you in on some of the goodies I purchased today:

*sweet potatoes

*red seedless grapes

*reduced-fat provolone cheese

*Tofurky deli slices, Cranberry and Stuffing flavor (I've never tried this flavor before, but with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I had to get it! I can't wait to try it!)

*Health Valley no-salt-added vegetable soup

*no-sugar-added applesauce (for work)

*frozen veggies

*and boring random stuff like eggs, dryer sheets, cat food, dental floss, etc.

After that, I went to the Dollar Tree. While the Dollar Tree can be kind of a scary place (have you ever looked at the food items they sell? And the pregnancy test by the register???), it's actually a great place to go for kitchen items like cooking utensils, and stuff like wrapping paper, etc. And I have actually found some really cute mugs, photo frames, seasonal decorations, and candles. I don't frequent there often, but I'll stop by everything now and then, when I'm feeling too cheap to hit Target. Not that Target is expensive, but I find it harder to control myself in there, and I always spend much more than I wanted to, most of which on stuff I totally did not need! I have weakened willpower there! Anyway, I needed a new can opener, so I grabbed that, and I also bought... two bowls. Because I am finally ready to give in and surrender to the cold weather, and switch my breakfasts from cold cereal to oatmeal. Now, don't misunderstand me here- I know there's a lot of devout oatmeal lovers out there, like my buddy over at Love of Oats, and don't misunderstand- I LOVE oatmeal! But I also love cold cereal, and so I try to hold out as long as possible before I give in to the misery of winter and start eating oatmeal. For two reasons: 1) Because then I have to admit that it's winter, and I despise winter; and 2) I know that once I switch to oatmeal, I won't be wanting cold cereal again until the weather is nicer, like March. You probably think I'm a tad crazy, but I swear, it all makes sense up in my head.  :-D

And believe it or not, I don't really have any microwave-safe bowls deep enough for big, hearty oatmeal combinations. I only have a few microwave-safe bowls, but they aren't big enough for oatmeal. Most of my bowls are actually not microwave-safe! And guess what- most of them came from Target! I buy all those cutesy little bowls once they hit clearance, and then I get them home and find out that they're not microwave-friendly. So I have about 20 bowls that I can't even put in the microwave!

So here are my oh-so-classy Dollar Tree oatmeal bowls, all ready for their debut at work tomorrow:

DSCI0717 They've already been through the dishwasher and are ready to rock and roll for tomorrow.   :-)

I also picked up this... I just couldn't resist:

DSCI0716 Could there BE  a more appropriate bookmark for yours truly?  :-D

I made a fabulous dinner creation tonight, but I didn't take a pic because, well, it looked good, and I was hungry! But the good news is that I have leftovers, so I'll post a pic tomorrow night.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Argh... back to the daily grind tomorrow!  :-(

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chandra said...

What an awesome compliment!! Gotta love those random, ego-boosting moments. :)