Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Virtual insanity

You won't believe this... I called the auto shop this morning, and the third rim they ordered arrived bent too!!!!! WTF????? There must be a defective batch of rims over at the Nissan factory or wherever the hell they're coming from! The mechanic said this has never happened to them before... yeah, me neither! Crazy! They couldn't get another one today, so they put in an order for yet another one tomorrow. Oy ye vey! I hope that one's okay, because I really want to put this debacle behind me and move on!

But I came home from work and did some Crunch: Candlelight Yoga via my Instant Netflix account, and it immediately mellowed me out. You know what? The rim will get here when it gets here... it's all good! The car's drivable, it's all paid for, the damage (both to my car and my bank account) could have been a LOT worse, and there's really bigger things in life to worry- or not worry- about! :-) I swear, yoga= best chill pill eva. Nature's little Xanax. :-)

Hey, so on a completely unrelated topic, I'm thinking of trying protein powder. I think I get a substantial amount of protein in my everyday diet through chicken, fish, eggs, peanut butter, and soy-based products, but I was thinking of picking some up this weekend, maybe trying it out in a smoothie, mixing it in my oatmeal or adding it to cereal or yogurt to get a little more protein in my breakfast (my breakfasts tend to lack protein, I've noticed). Any suggestions on brands/flavors/favorite ways to use it? Any feedback is much appreciated! :-)

I finished up Outtakes From a Marriage tonight. I did a LOT of skimming. Here was my problem with this book. About a third of the way into it, I realized that I wasn't really liking it too much, yet I didn't dislike it enough to give up on it. I was curious about the plot and how it would play out in the end, if the husband was really cheating or the wife was just a bored neurotic housewife who watched one bad reality TV show too many and made it all up in her head, etc. Well, I just finished it up about a half hour ago. My thoughts on the book? This book sucked! None of the main characters were remotely likeable, the minor characters were significantly underdeveloped, there were small subplots that were never wrapped up, the story was completely unbelievable, the ending is abrupt and strange. The whole book is a complete disaster. Also, a BLATANT typo- I'm pretty sure the awards show is called The Golden Globes, NOT The Golden Gobes. I'm so glad that I only paid a dollar for this. Even that seems a little too much. Off to Goodwill it goes!

And into the random box of titles went my hand! And I drew this:

DSCI1259 Atonement, by Ian McEwan. Has anyone read this? I never read it, so I purposely stayed away from the movie. I was kind of hoping for something a little lighter, but I thumbed through it and skimmed a few paragraphs, and it looks good! Plus, look what happened the last time I wished for a fluffy book... I got the crapfest that was Outtakes From a Marriage. I might not start this tonight- my eyes are a little tired from speed-reading, and I have some fabulous blogs to catch up on! :-)

Um... it's April, right? And April is a month in spring, right? The reason I ask is because I'm currently sitting in my room in a fleece, with my space heater on and our apartment heat on, and I'm STILL chilly. What is that? WHERE IS SPRING?????


Anonymous said...

ha - Atonement is NOT a fluffly one! I have read it twice which says a few strange things about me because I don't read books twice. Here's what happened, I started it last year with this dejavu feeling that I'd read it before and I just didn't remember! Yep, I had to dig thru my journals and found I had read it about 5 years prior. What does this mean? that it was forgettable the first time? anyway, I LOVED IT LOVED IT the second time. In fact, I have a crush on how he writes. I hope this actually gets you excited about the book - I don't mean to turn you off to it. And the movie was great, too.

itsawrapteacher said...

So sad for your car. I read Atonement after the movie which was a mistake. I hope you enjoy it more than I did!

Anonymous said...

Atonement is in my pile of books to read, but I haven't been brave enough to crack it open yet.

As for protein powders, so far my favorite is Aria vanilla protein powder. Both Trader Joe's and Stop & Shop carry it. Maybe Wegmans too. It blends well--I even use it to boost the protein in my morning oatmeal sometimes.