Thursday, April 30, 2009

Short but sweet

Hey hey! Happy Thursday! I'm keeping my post brief tonight, since yours truly has had a headache off and on all day (and trying Power Yoga for the first time didn't make matters much better... I kept looking up to try to follow the instructor, and I got a bit dizzy! LOL), and have just been in kind of a blah mood all day... no real reason, nothing happened to put me in that state, it was just one of those days, you know? Oh well- it's nothing that a l'il Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock can't fix!  :-P   Luckily, the Phillies were kind enough to take the night off so I could watch my shows uninterrupted... because, you know, their playing schedule is all about me.  :-D  

Plus I'm behind in reading all of your blogs, and trust me, you all have way more exciting lives than mine.  :-D

I will say this, though- I'm actually a little more than halfway through Sickened already! And I only started it yesterday! Even I'm impressed with myself, LOL! Nah, not really- it's not a long book (256 pages), the font size is pretty big, and I'm skimming over some of the icky medical procedures and medical records/letters from doctors that have a bunch of medical abbreviations and jargon that my simple little mind doesn't understand.  :-D I wouldn't be surprised if I had this finished up by tomorrow or Saturday, so I'll give my review and thoughts then.

I'm off to go bond with my Motrin and make myself a nice tasty dinner before my shows... have a good night, and happy almost-Friday!!!   :-)

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George Lichter said...

Hope you feel better soon! Power Yoga and headache - - bad combo, I agree.

George Lichter