Friday, April 10, 2009

Greetings on Good Friday

Hello, friends! Happy Good Friday! Did you have a nice day? If you had the day off, I hope you did something relaxing and fun. If you had to work, I hope it went by relatively quickly and painlessly.

I was one of the lucky souls who had today off. I woke up around 8:30 (for someone who gets up at 7 a.m. most days of the week, that's sleeping in!), had a fabulous bowl of oatmeal w/flaxseed, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, and banana for breakfast, and then hit up the gym for some cardio while I caught up with one of my favorite daytime divas, Rachael Ray. She had Miley Cyrus on her show today. Maybe it's because I'm not fourteen years old, but I just don't get the Miley/Hannah Montana thing at all. Billy Ray Cyrus was on the show too. Not only were they on Rachael Ray, but a few TVs over, I noticed that they were on The Tyra Banks Show this morning as well. I've never seen the same guest on two talk shows at once (yes, I understand these shows are pre-taped in advance, I'm not an idiot, LOL... I've just never seen that!). Definitely Miley Mania on daytime TV this morning.

I was also productive around my apartment as well. I ran and unloaded the dishwasher, wiped down/straightened up the kitchen, did a load of laundry, took out the trash and recyclables, and vacuumed my room. I got my Donna Reed on a bit today. :-) I also watched the Phillies lose to the Rockies hard this afternoon- the final score was 10-2. Ouch. Ah well... we're only a few games into the season, and I've seen them come back from last place to World Series Champs. If there's one thing that can be said about Philadelphia sports teams, they tend to be the underdogs/the comeback kids... I call it the Rocky Balboa Syndrome. :-D

I started reading Naturally Thin last night. I'm actually really liking it so far! I'll give it a more in-depth review when I finish up with it, but I'm definitely enjoying it. A lot of it is common sense, really, but the thing is that it's common sense a lot of us need to be reminded of, or else why would we be reading this book? :-D I picked it up to address some of my own specific concerns/struggles with eating and my relationship with food, and so far, I'm finding that they're being addressed. What I especially like about this book so far is that it's reinforced repeatedly throughout the book that it is not a dieting book, and that there is no such thing as dieting, and as I've mentioned before, I am a firm believer of this attitude and philosophy. But aside from that, what I like about Bethenny's book so far is that she flat-out says in the introduction that she is NOT a doctor, NOT a nutritionist, NOT a professional chef, and NOT perfect- this is a lifestyle that works for her, and it will not necessarily work for everyone, and she is not telling anyone what to do, or what or how to eat, or how to live- she is simply sharing the tools and techniques she uses while living her life. In fact, she comes right out and admits in the intro section, "In fact, sometimes I set a really bad example!" She's not perfect, never claims to be, she admits she makes mistakes with food and eating like everyone else. I dig that kind of humble honesty. I think that's why I like Rachael Ray so much too- she admits she's not a professional chef, she has no training, and never claimed to have any, and she makes tons of cooking mistakes like everyone else. Anyway, those are my thoughts so far. Oh, and I'm also liking my other book, Love the One You're With. It's cute and mindless fluff that I can identify with. Anyone who's ever had that one "ex" that haunts you emotionally will want to read this book. In fact, I sympathize with the main character, Ellen, a lot, because she is reminiscing about her breakup with that "haunting ex", and how it all came down to a fight on New Year's Eve, which brings back some painful ex-boyfriend memories in my playbook, as I was dumped once on New Year's Eve by a boyfriend in college. As if that wasn't bad enough, I had stopped by to pick him up for a party we were supposed to go to, and if THAT wasn't bad enough, I had brought him soup because he had been sick. And then he dumped me. Yeah... that sucked. Needless to say, I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Eve. Not because of that one singular disastrous event, but because, literally, every single New Year's Eve after that has been absolutely horrible for one reason or another. That jackass put some sort of curse on that holiday for me, LOL. And that was a bad breakup. One of those breakups were you just wallow your pretty little head off in misery for a little more time than you should, you know? But that was a long, long time ago. I got over him, and successfully managed to date many more jackasses after that, LOL! In fact, out of all the relationships I've had in my ten years of dating, I really have only had one good one. A long time ago. And you wonder why I've chosen to voluntarily remain single for the past year! :-D But that's another post for another day.

Check out the yummy lunch I made myself! This lunch made me really happy:

DSCI1285 My roommate's been eating a lot of tuna lately, so it sparked a craving in my tummy for tuna. So I made myself a little tuna melt! I mixed low-sodium chunk tuna with spicy brown mustard and some spices, and grilled it up on TJ's sodium-free whole wheat bread with some reduced-fat Provolone, with carrots and chipotle salsa on the side. This was delish! I haven't had a grilled cheese in forever, so this satisfied two cravings at once, while getting in some veggies and healthy fat and protein. Good times all around!

Hope you're all having a wonderful day! I'm off to make some dinner and spend the rest of the evening vegging out! Have a good one! ;-)

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