Friday, April 3, 2009

"Rainbow Brite" Friday

Hey belles of the blogworld... happy TGIF!!! We made it through another work week, and now we will be rewarded with two days of R&R!!! What are your weekend plans??? I don't have anything set in stone, vut I desperately need to knock out a few errands- Trader Joe's, possibly K-Mart and Target, and, of course, my Holy Grail... Wegmans. :-)

I started off my weekend with a really awesome moment. It was gloomy and thunderstormy here all morning, but the sun decided to come out and play in the afternoon. I went to the gym after work, and I was sitting in my parked car, eating my preworkout snack bar, and what did I see... a rainbow!!!! It was so beautiful. I just sat there, smiling and looking at it. Who else remembers this cutie-patootie from their childhood days...

I loved Rainbow Brite!!! Hell, I still do!!! I remember that I had the Rainbow Brite colorforms, and one year I gave out little stuffed Sprites that my mom made as birthday party favors. And I am not at all ashamed to admit that sitting in my closet right now is a Rainbow Brite t-shirt, and in my sock drawer sits a pair of Rainbow Brite socks. I swear, the '80s were the BEST decade for toys!!!I really lucked out being a kid during that time!!!

What made the rainbow even better was that I was enjoying one of my favorite bars while I was sitting and admiring it... a Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe Bar. Kids, if you haven't tried this flavor yet, you need to try it ASAP. It's simply delightful. It's sheer chocolate with tiny little chunks of chocolatey pieces in it. It is heaven.

I don't know about you, but I think looking at a rainbow while eating chocolate is a seriously good moment. :-)

So I'm a few chapters into Atonement, and it's still simply wonderful. Not too much into the story just yet- I'm hoping to read a little more of it tonight. But I am a little concerned. So far, everyone I've talked to has absolutely raved about Ian McEwen's writing, but at the same time, they've also said that his books are heart-wrenchingly devastating. One of my friends described his books as "haunting". Another friend told me that Ian McEwen is the only writer that makes her husband actually cry when he reads his books. My roommate told me that she read one book and thought it was fantastic, but was so emotionally gut-wrenching that she cannot bring herself to read another one of his books again, that she just can't do that to herself. This has me worried for two reasons. One, I'm a little, well, scared. Those are some very strong descriptions!!!! The only author that has ever truly moved me like that with her books is Jodi Picoult, and I have a feeling that she doesn't hold a candle compared to McEwen. But now, at the same time, I'm a little worried that if I don't have some sort of severe emotional reaction to this book, that there's something wrong with me and that I might be emotionally dead inside. Either way, I feel emotionally screwed. :-D To all the people out there who've read Mr. McEwen- did you have similar reactions to his novels? Or are my friends just really hypersensitive? LOL. The four people that expressed the same opinion are actually very, very different in terms of personality and character and emotions, and so I have a feeling that this is more of a universal opinion. Please let me know if I need to stock up on Kleenex while I'm out and about this weekend. :-)

All right, I'm off to do some laundry. Yes, I do laundry on Friday nights. Hey, you read blogs on Friday nights, so who are you to judge???? :-P

Have an awesome Friday night!!!! :-)

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