Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunshiny days

Wow... if this weekend's weather is any indication of the upcoming weather in the months ahead, then I think it's pretty safe to say sayonara to winter... which means I can finally put away my space heater!!!! Good riddance, winter!!!!   :-D

What a beautiful  weekend we had here!!!! Clear skies, warm but not humid, and an abundance of sunshine!!! It was perfect weather.... all I wanted to do was play outside.  :-)   But I settled for sitting on my balcony and reading Sense and Sensibility, which I am still LOVING!!!!  I can't believe it took me so long to jump on the Jane Austen bandwagon... now I get why she's a classic and a favorite and why women sing her praises. Though the writing is a lot denser than I'm used to (keep in mind I read a lot of books about shopaholics and momzillas, haha!), I find it absolutely beautiful, and prolific, and some of what she writes still rings true in society today- all the shenanigans that those a-holes Edward and Willoughby pull on the poor wonderful Dashwood sisters? Yeah, guys are still pulling crap like that today- maybe not the exact same things for the same reasons (land, money), but they've managed to accumulate plenty of other games and moves along the years! And when Elinor tells Marianne that it is impossible for anyone to expect to rely on one sole person for their unfulfilled happiness, I was like, amen, sister!!!!   :-D  I only have about sixty pages or so left... and I can't wait to finish it!

BTW, my sister had a great time at her junior prom! She called me and told me about it on Saturday. The boy kissed her... twice.   :-D   (I hope she doesn't kill me for putting that on my blog... but I think it's safe to say that not too many sixteen-year-old boys out there are reading this blog!!!) So yeah, she's on cloud nine right now. I can't wait to see pics!!! I'm so glad she had such a wonderful time... after all she's been through lately, and the fact that she's pretty awesome in general, she just deserved a really awesome prom, and a really nice guy, and I'm so glad she did.  :-)


My weekend's been pretty quiet and low-key, not much to blog home about... watched the Phillies kick some Marlins' boo-tay, went to Target and Wegmans and Trader Joe's, ate a lot of sweet potatoes... you know, the usual.     ;-)   I wish I were a more interesting blogger! What can I say... I dig routine!  :-)

Speaking of routine, my tummy is letting me know that it could use some dinner right about now!

Happy birthday wishes to Caitlin and Yasmin, two fine and fabulous ladies!  :-)

And on a sadder note, I want to take the time to again express my deepest sympathy and condolences to Jenna and her family for the devastating loss they endured over the weekend. There are no words to even express the heartbreak and tragedy, as there are no words in the English language that will ever suffice. Jenna, we love you and are here for you and your family. God bless.

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itsawrapteacher said...

So glad to hear your sister had a good time at the prom. It's scary watching them grow up so fast!
Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a memorable birthday weekend. BTW: I already used my Borders gift card and bought Jodi Picoult's Handle with Care and The Alchemist. Have a good night!