Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Look what came in the mail for me today!

DSCI1218 Lots and lots of chocolatey Vitalove!!!!!!!!! My Hungry Girl Chocolate Multi-Madness Pack arrived today, as you can see here. I'm so happy!

DSCI1220 DSCI1221DSCI1222 Here they are, lounging in their new habitat. You KNOW I'm having one of these babies for dessert tonight. Which flavor should I try first? My options are: Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip, Chocolate Fig, Triple Chocolate Chunk, Deep Chocolate VitaTop, Deep Chocolate VitaBrownie, and Deep Chocolate VitaMuffin. I've had the Deep Chocolate flavor before, and so I want to try one of the new-to-me flavors: Peanut Butter Chip, Chocolate Fig, or Triple Chocolate Chunk. Right now, I'm kind of feeling the Triple Chocolate Chunk, but we'll see!

I also got my new Netflix DVD today. Two things in the mail for me in one day, and neither one was a bill or junk mail. One of which was a big-ass box of healthy, delicious, chocolate baked goods. This is seriously one of the best days ever.

Don't laugh (okay, laugh a little, who am I to try and control someone's emotions), but my latest Netflix acquisition is the first disc in season one of the old WB (back when it was the WB, so the pre-CW days) show Popular. Please tell me that other people watched this show so I don't feel like a total loser, LOL. I really liked this show and was bummed that it only lasted a few seasons. Then again, I lived for My So-Called Life (I still <3 that show!!!) and that only lasted ONE season. And yet crap shows like Two and a Half Men go on for like fifteen years. Isn't the little kid, like, seventeen now or something? Ha. Anyway, with all the Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana/Zac Efron/Twilight brouhaha saturating the media these days, I was in the mood for some cheesy teen drama goodness. I was browsing Netflix, stumbled across Popular, and was like, "Jackpot!" I might even watch an episode tonight, because now that Top Chef isn't on anymore, and I'm not really into this season of America's Next Top Model (either that show is going downhill or I'm just over it... I haven't decided yet), Wednesday night TV blows!

Hey, guess what I did today at work? Well, I worked, but also, I went to an on-campus karate seminar! My company apparently offers karate lessons to employees... five years in this company, and I never knew that! It's a traditional Korean karate called Tang Soo Do. It was pretty cool! I got to punch and kick things at work! One of my colleagues (who takes lessons there and has her orange belt) broke a board!!! It was awesome!!! I don't see myself signing up and taking lessons, but it was a lot of fun! Plus it's important to know a few quick self-defense moves... especially for women. The world can be a dangerous place and you can never be too prepared or too safe!

And on the way out of the seminar, I saw my roommate! We work at the same company but in totally different departments and buildings... we don't even work on the same campus. So I never see her at work, ever, so that was a nice surprise!

I'm off to make some grub for dinner! ;-) I'll post later (or maybe tomorrow morning, depending on how the evening plays out) and let you know which VitaTreat I ran with!!! Let me know if you have a suggestion! :-)


itsawrapteacher said...

Oh yum! Look at all that chocolate goodness. I wish I could find these products in our local stores. I would go with the Chocolate Fig if I were you. I remember that show. Wasn't Leslie Bibb in it? Enjoy your night.

Jaime said...

OMGOMGOMG VITATOPS!! they had a hungry girl package? how did you get this? i need those in my life!! hehe
thank you for the sweet comment love!! :) and I LOVED my so called life. xo

Dori said...

EVERYONE used to tell me I looked like the girl from Popular! This was in 12th grade, but I remember so well. I love that you just brought back that memory. I liked that one a lot better than Anne Hathaway, which I get almost every day.

Heat up the vita brownie and crumble it in vanilla froyo!

Also, you don't have a name/url option for posting comment so my link won't be right! :)