Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inside-Out Day

This post is appropriately titled so for a few reasons.

First, let's backtrack to some of yesterday. I know that you're all dying of curiosity to know which flavor I picked to have first from my VitaChocolate goodies... well, wait no further! DSCI1231 I went with Chocolate Fig! This decision was primarily based off the sole suggestion that I got from Yasmin over at It's a Wrap. Great suggestion, Yasmin! I feel like I'm coming down with a cold anyway, so I figured some extra antioxidants in the form of fig love couldn't hurt, right? ;-)

At first, I wanted to try it on its own:

DSCI1233It was delish! Like if a Fig Newton and a brownie got together and had a love child. YUM.

After a few bites, I decided something was missing:

DSCI1235 Whipped cream, of course! After a few bites, I couldn't really taste the whipped cream... it just kind of blended into the chocolate cake. I've noticed this before. I actually think I prefer a fruity topping, like sugar-free strawberry jam. Chocolate + any flavor berry= love.

I also tried a new potato concoction for dinner:

DSCI1224 This was tres magnifique. It was a sweet potato, a Laughing Cow Light Garlic and Herb wedge, a Boca Mushroom Mozzarella burger all cut up, and broccoli. Happy, happy times.

Another reason today was inside-out was that I spent the beginning of the morning thinking it was Wednesday. I'm not sure why. But imagine how delighted I was when I realized that it was Thursday! Better than than the other way around! Of course, the best is when you wake up thinking you're late for work and then you realize that it's Saturday. :-D

Another reason it's a bit of an inside-out day? When I got to the gym and changed into my workout gear, I realized that not only had I been wearing one of my socks inside out all day long, but my bra as well. Classy. :-)

There's some good TV on tonight! There's a new show on at 8 on ABC that I wanna check out called Tales from the Motherhood. It's starring Megan Mullally (Karen from Will and Grace) and Cheryl Hines (the wife from Curb Your Enthusiasm). Those are two funny broads, so I think it will be a really funny show! AND NEW EPISODES OF THE OFFICE AND #) ROCK TONIGHT! YAY!!!!!

We're almost to the weekend... the end is near! :-D

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itsawrapteacher said...

Thanks for trusting me, it looks so good in your pic I can almost taste it. I am almost done with My Sister's Keeper. I cannot put it down. Read the rest or watch the line-up on TV tonight? Yikes...decisions, decisions.