Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Neither sweet nor low

So I'm about halfway through Sweet and Low already. So quickly, you ask? Well, that's because I'm doing some serious skimming. Yeah... this book is boring. I'm about halfway into it, and I have yet to read about any significant drama. Hell, I had more drama at work today than this family's had so far in this book.

And the author certainly likes to give history lessons, that's for sure. He's providing a lot of detail about the history of Brooklyn, the Navy Yard, sugar, saccharin, Jewish-European history, the history of dieting, etc. It's interesting for, like, a paragraph or two. But dedicating six or seven pages of a 272-page book to the history of sugar and its origin? I don't think that's necessary. I believe some book critics refer to this as "book filler". In this case, I certainly agree.

At this point, I'm really only skimming through the book to see if I get any of this much-promised family drama. I expect to have it finished by tomorrow, really. Good thing I only paid a buck for this book, huh?  ;-D

Other than that, not much is going on in my world. Work's been busy because we're short-staffed this week, and everyone's still scrambling to catch up from Monday (there were, like, four people in the office). So I've been a busy bee. And yet, the week seems to be going slowly.

Right now I'm flipping back and forth between the Top Chef reunion special (I'm still bitter about how everything went down last week... I really hope Carla wins Fan Fave to make up for it!) and America's Next Top Model. Every season, I vow to stop watching ANTM, and almost every season, I usually cave and watch it. But I thought last season sucked. And I'm not really feeling this season either so far. I'll probably end up watching for no other reason than there's nothing else really on on Wednesday nights, and even then, The New Adventures of Old Christine will probably win out over this. I feel like this show is getting old. Or maybe I'm growing out of it. No, that can't be it- I still watch a lot of crappy TV.   :-D

In food-related news, I'm totally singing Mademoiselle Jaime's praises this week:

 DSCI1117 I watched her video on how to roll a wrap, and I'm proud to report that I made two wraps for dinner this week using her method, and was a success both times! (The one you are looking at is a tuna wrap- low-sodium tuna mixed with deli-horseradish mustard... I was too afraid to add anything else because I was scared it would break, haha!) I'm a disaster at wrapping wraps, but even I  could do this! Jaime, you rock!!!!    :-)

Tonight I made a fave for din-din:

DSCI1128Tired of seeing these yet? Too bad!  :-P   This sweet potato's got: chopped grilled chicken tenderloin pieces, reduced-fat Swiss cheese, and steamed broccoli. On the side is what I affectionately refer to as "Salsamus": 1 tablespoon Kitchen Kettle Village Zesty Salsa and 1 tablespoon Tribe Sweet Red Pepper hummus mixed together. Hence the clever name salsamus.   :-D   It's delicious!  :-)

Hope you're all having a good week! I'm off to catch up on blogs and chillax!  I'll be back tomorrow night with a new book pick, because at the rate I'm going, I'll be done with this book by tomorrow. It's too boring to keep going!  :-D

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Jaime said...

delicious eats! the wrap looks great! you are a natural! thanks so much for the shout girl! xoxoxo