Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day from H-E-L-L

Wow... my day could not have sucked anymore if it tried. I had a horrible work day. We were already short-staffed- (my boss got called away out of town for an indefinite period of time, due to an unexpected family emergency, everybody keep her and her family in your thoughts, please!), both of our editors were out today because one only works part-time and the other was out sick today- so of course everyone and their mother sent "rush requests" to us today. I did NINE rush jobs today, worked through lunch (I HATE when I have to do that!!!), and here's the kicker- the last "rush" job I worked on today (the one I worked on through lunch, actually) was submitted by a woman who tends to submit lots of "rush" requests, only to cancel them later or tell us to hold off- like the boy who cried wolf, you know? So she rushes a 47-page presentation to our copy desk, and we're already short-staffed and filled to capacity, but still, we dropped everything we had, all of us, to split it up and work on it- and I had just finished my section when she e-mails us and tells us to hold off, because it hadn't been through design/layout yet (the process is for something to go through design before proofreading... proofreading is the final stage of the project process, and seeing as this woman has been at her job for several years now, she is well-aware of this). Our Copy Desk was L-I-V-I-D. THEN, she has the audacity to call me- ME, of all the proofreaders, since I had been the only one who had submitted my section to her- and tried to LAUGH it off! Believe me, between the four people at the Copy Desk today- one is a sweet Southern woman, one is a very patient and kind woman, and one is the mother of young children so she's good at keeping her cool- calling the feisty, childless, very sarcastic, and VERY Irish-tempered proofreader was a bad decision on her part. Luckily my sarcasm won the better of me, and I was overly sweet, so sacchariny to the point where she KNEW we were pissed off. Since my supervisor is out, we clued in her boss, a line manager, who is PISSED, and intends to let this woman's supervisor in on all this.

At least it fueled a very intense cardio workout at the gym today. I got a lot of aggression out. Not all of it though, clearly, as I am still annoyed! BUT, I'm trying to let it go because it's already consumed WAY too much of my energy today, and I have new episodes of The Office and 30 Rock to look forward to tonight! Hurray!!!

Speaking of saccharin, I skimmed the rest of Sweet and Low at the gym tonight. Yeah, it never got better. And that "family drama"? Well, I never did figure out what it really was other than some iffy business and medical decisions and a contested will. Puh-lease. You want REAL family drama? Come hang with my dysfunctional fam for a week! This book was awful! It's totally getting donated to Goodwill. I paid a dollar for it, and I feel like I paid too much!

On a much lighter note, I'm EXTREMELY happy with my new book pick, which I will post later tonight, along with a pic of the dinner that I'm about to make and excited to try! It's another baked potato concoction, natch, but a NEW concoction that I'm really looking forward to! So stay tuned because that's comin' later on tonight!  :-)

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