Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mission accomplished!

I had a fabulous weekend! So relaxing! It's just what I needed. I played it as low-key as possible... which I normally tend to do on the weekends (long story short- I used to be one of those people always hitting bars and parties, not really because I wanted to, but because other people wanted to and I wanted to please them... now that I'm out of that phase in my life, I'm finding that I'm actually a serious homebody who loves downtime... and as Cher from Clueless would say, "the clothes are a lot more comfortable!"), but it was just so emotionally relaxing/rejuvenating as well. I relaxed my mind, my body, my spirit, and (just a little bit!) my wallet. :-)

Saturday morning I was up and about getting my errands on. I started off with Kohls. I had two gift cards to Kohls and I had decided to use at least some of it towards something I've desperately needed for a long time now- new sneakers!!!! Mine were a total wreck! It took a while to find something, because everything that I liked and thought was reasonably priced was not in my size. Of course! But then I stumbled across these cuties!

DSCI1207 DSCI1198 Aren't they cute... they have little aqua jewels on them! That was pretty much the selling point for me. It is important to me to be cute at the gym. Haha! I haven't had a pair of Sketchers in forever, so I'm excited! I also browsed around for other shoes (I really need new shoes for work), but couldn't find anything I really liked, and didn't want to just buy for the sake of buying, you know? So I just got the sneakers. The gift cards aren't going anywhere, so I can always come back. I love gift cards. It's like free money!

I also went to TJ Maxx because I had a gift card there and I wanted to buy some coffee. They have really interesting, fun flavored coffees, so I pick up a few for work whenever we're running low. I bought two- Bavarian Chocolate and Vanilla Macadamia. Yum! I also found something kinda cool- it's called a "Stress Less Room Spray"- it's a spray bottle of pure essential oils of lavender and sweet orange, and it claims to "soothe your senses and your environment". We'll see, I guess! I'm always looking for ways to reduce my stress in any way I can. And it was only $4, but really nada, since I had a gift card! Exciting.

I also did my grocery shopping for the week, which excites me more than it probably should. Haha. I managed to not spend a lot and get some fun stuff! Here are some highlights:

*Gardenburger Black Bean Chipotle burgers (I've never seen this flavor in my supermarket before, so I was jazzed for this find)*

*Celestial Seasonings Almond Sunset Dessert Tea*

*Genisoy Cinnamon Streusel Soy Chips*

Has anyone tried any of these? These are all "new" to me!

Last night, I had a date with this hottie:

Ha. I ordered this off Netflix and watched it last night. It was funny, and entertaining. I'm glad I waited for it to come to DVD though, because it's not one I needed to rush out and see in theaters, you know? But definitely good for some laughs! Rainn Wilson always knows how to crack me up. :-) He's funny in everything I see him in, even just interviews!

Today has been a wonderfully relaxing day... I didn't really do too much of anything- I hit the gym for a light cardio workout on the stationary bike in the A.M., and then later this afternoon after lunch, I did a half hour yoga tape I have that is specifically geared towards helping you unwind, relax, and sleep better (not the fast-paced, get-your-heart-rate-going kind). It felt downright fabulous... I feel completely refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. And sleepy! :-) Hopefully I can carry this feeling of calmness and inner peace into my work day tomorrow, and try not to get completely overwhelmed or stressed out, no matter what happens tomorrow. Hey, for all I know, the termites nibbled the building to the ground and I won't have to go to work at all tomorrow now! (Nah, they'd just make us move to a different building.)

And now I'm off to get stuff ready for work, make myself some dindin (on the menu tonight: whole wheat fusilli w/no-salt tomato sauce, TJ's turkey meatballs, and spinach... yum!), maybe do a little reading if I'm not too sleepy, and get my couch potato on. What do you all watch on Sunday night, if anything? I watch The Amazing Race, Cold Case, and Brothers and Sisters. Except it looks like tonight The Amazing Race and Cold Case will be on a little later than usual (thanks, college basketball!!!), which means now that Cold Case and Brothers and Sisters will overlap a little, so I'll have to do a little bit of channel-hopping... I tell ya, it's tough to be me sometimes!!! ;-)

Have a good rest-of-the-weekend.... make the most of what's left of it!!!


itsawrapteacher said...

Please give a product review of the Gardenburger black bean burger. I love the Morningstar brand but if that one is better let me know! Enjoy your night!
P.S. Loving My Sister's Keeper!

Sharon said...

Hahaha, I want to watch that movie now!!!