Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ending a bad day on a good note

As promised, here's my new book pick, which I'm way excited for!

DSCI1129 Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors in the world, so I was really happy to pick this from the box! This particular novel is called Perfect Match- a hardcover in beautiful condition that I picked up years ago, I don't even remember from where, but I'm guessing a used book sale, as that's where most of my book purchases are from!!! Any Jodi Picoult fans out there? Has anyone read this particular book? For those who aren't familiar with this author, Jodi Picoult writes some serious fiction. Usually not light reading. Some of the topics she's delved into include a high school shooting, a teenage suicide pact, an Amish teen accused of killing her newborn baby but she has no recollection of it, a teen suing her family for emancipation because she no longer wants to be a bone marrow donor for her sister, etc. And there is always a fabulous twist at the end that you never see coming- that's what makes her books absolutely out of this world!

So Perfect Match is about an assistant district attorney whose five-year-old son is sexually abused, and as a result of the incident, has not spoken a single word since it occurred,  yet eventually someone is accused of the crime, and the mother (the DA) shoots him in the courtroom, and I'm assuming kills him, and so I'm assuming will go on trial for that. So it won't be a breezy fun read, but I know it's going to most likely be an excellent read. And after coming off the crap book that was Sweet and Low, I could desperately use a great book, sad as the subject might be! Looking forward to diving into this later on tonight and over the weekend!  :-)

So tonight's dinner rocked my world:

DSCI1130 DSCI1131 This is a sweet potato chopped into cubes, leftover grilled chicken, and spinach! With roasted red pepper on the side for dipping (I took pics but none of them came out very well). I always pair a sweet potato with carrots or broccoli, but I never thought to try it with spinach. But I saw my roommate add spinach to her baked potato last night and I was flat-out intrigued. And it was awesome!!!! My roommate has this great ability to throw together the most random foods, and they always look (and smell) so great! Those are the best meals- the ones that are just thrown together randomly! Recipes... pshah!   :-D

Off to watch some TV and curl up in bed with my new fun book now!!! I'm so glad that today's almost over! I hope tomorrow is much better!  :-)  Goodnight to all, and to all a good night!!!  :-)


just me said...

I've read every single book by her and loved them all. she actually just came out with a new one that i can't wait to get!! i'm so excited!!!

Jaime said...

that dinner looks fabulous! :)