Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can we skip Thursday and just go straight to Friday??? :-(

Can you tell by my post title that I might have had a bad day? LOL.

I had a really uber-stressful day at work today. We're getting super-slammed with tons of "rush" projects, and short-staffed at the moment because my boss is out of town for a few weeks due to an unexpected death in the family (it's her mother, who hasn't actually passed away as of yet, but she's pretty much on the verge of it, and it's just a matter of time at this point... so sad). And to make everything even more complicated, we've just switched our workflow over into a new system and there is a huge learning curve while we all try and figure out how to use it, and everyone's confused, and it's all just a crazy, complicated mess. Argh! Anyway, I'm trying to breathe and relax and take it for what it is and let it go and move on. Just because I had a bad day doesn't mean I have to have a bad evening! Wednesday can still be salvaged somewhat!

Plus, not EVERYTHING about today was totally miserable... there were a few happy moments throughout the day!

*It was absolutely gorgeous outside!!! 65 degrees! It was fabulous. I have been so jealous of the Floridian bloggers out there... you don't even know. I'd kill for some of that humidity they were talking about! I don't care what it does to my hair, haha. I needed to get away from my desk for a while, so I took a walk around the building, and didn't need my jacket!!! (Although I did wear my sweater and felt a little chilly... I get cold extremely easily!). The temp's supposed to drop a bit throughout the rest of the week, so it only made me appreciate today even more!

*I channeled my frustration into a nice little workout. Poor stationary bike doesn't know what hit it.  :-D

*I'm planning on comfort food dinner tonight- salmon, sweet potato, broccoli. My original plan was to grill up some chicken, but eff that. I some omega-3 love to lower my blood pressure and calm me down!

*Speaking of comfort food, um, what's a girl's BFF (other than diamonds and shoes and Prada bags)??? CHOCOLATE!!! Check out what I treated myself to today!!!

In my mind, this is absolutely worth the price and the splurge. I mean, FREE SHIPPING??? On all of that???? ALL OF THAT YUMMY, DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE???  I can never find these around here. The only chocolate Vitaproduct I've seen and been able to buy are the Chocolate Vitamuffins. I've never had the joy and the excitement of enjoying any of the other flavors- the PB Chip, the Triple Chocolate, the Chocolate Fig... I seriously consider a purchase like this a "splurge" (hey, what can I say, I'm a tightwad with my moola). But honestly, I think it's worth it. I've debated buying these online through either the Vitalicious website or through, and actually had been debating lately whether to treat myself to them via amazon (the Vitapeople charge too much for shipping in my humble opinion). I preordered a DVD scheduled to release and ship in mid-April (Season 2 of Knots Landing, an 80s' nighttime soap opera, shut up, I LOVE this show and have been waiting for the second season to come out for about two years now!), and since that qualifies me for the free super-saver shipping, I'd been debating adding some Vitamuffins to the deal, but when I saw this on Hungry Girl's website, combined with the day I had today, and the intense craving for chocolate and love and respect for Vitamuffins, I caved! This offer is still good until midnight tonight, so if you're a Vitalicious luvah and needing to restock, you should get on this! And don't worry, I didn't use my debit card to pay for this.  :-)

So the day wasn't a total waste... and look what I have to look forward to now! An abundance of chocolate Vitalove, delivered right to my door. I am so excited for this! The only thing I ever get in the mail, other than bills, is Netflix DVDs. Now I have not one, but TWO fun packages to look forward to in the upcoming weeks!

See? So today could be salvaged after all! Just thinking about the chocolate Vitalove that's going to arrive my way has totally erased the suckfest that was today. Well, almost.  ;-)

Okay, I'm off to make my dinner. I'm hungry. Stress certainly does work up an appetite, no?

Have a great night! Can't wait to catch up on your blogs!   :-)

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