Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...

Tonight's post is not about books, food, work, or anything else. (Although I will say this- I am just loving The Samurai Garden- it is a wonderful story and a beautifully written book- but more details will have to be provided in a later post).

No, tonight all I can concentrate on is GAME #1 OF THE WORLD SERIES...  PHILLIES VS. TAMPA BAY RAYS!!! It starts in an hour, and my adrenaline is pumping! The Phils have not gone to the World Series in fifteen years, and we are long overdue for a win.... our team is phenomenal this year... I think we can do it!!!

I'm sitting here in my "fake" Phillies jersey (it's not a real "official" baseball jersey; rather, it's my T-shirt from ninth grade little league when I played for the "Phillies", which was obviously the most coveted team in the league... I'm glad I held on to it for the past 13 years... and it's still in pretty decent condition too!)- with a long-sleeve white tee underneath, because it's cold out (plus it just looks cooler), and I am ready to see Philly kick some serious Tampa ass! (*No offense if anyone who reads this blog is Tampa fan or lives in that area. You're all wonderful. Really. This is strictly just baseball trash-talk. Florida is actually quite a lovely state... just now at the present moment in my mind, haha)



Anonymous said...

LOL i am cracking up at your post of you in your t-shirt from little league :) too funny!


RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

how funny! my fiance is a philly boy and i am moving there next year, so i guess i am with you now!

go phillies!

i met the philly fanatic last year!