Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have a cold and feel icky. Cold medicine is doing nothing to help me, as is usually the case (I don't even know why I buy the damn stuff, I swear it never works!). And the Phillies are losing to the Dodgers 6-1. Blah all around. This is so not the way to end a nice weekend of good times and sunshiny weather.

So, some quick book updates. Okay, so I finished The Bell Jar on Thursday night. I gotta tell you... I didn't think it was all that great. In fact, I liked She's Come Undone much, much better. I thought that was much more insightful and descriptive and deep and profound. This book didn't move me like She's Come Undone did. Maybe I read it too late in life. Maybe I should have read it in high school, or college, when I was having those adolescent/young adult identity struggles? I don't know. In any event, it was okay. I can't see myself re-reading it, at least not anytime soon. My copy of the book had some biographical notes about Sylvia Plath at the end of the novel, comparing her to the main character of the book, and I did like that.

So I picked another book, and picked the book version of a favorite childhood movie of mine:

DSCI0619 Oh man, what child of the '80s DIDN'T love The Neverending Story? I remember that I used to watch this movie with my cousin Pat every time we hung out together. We couldn't get enough of this movie! I'd watch it right now if I had it. I'm not really into the fantasy genre (although I did love the Harry Potter series), but I picked this up a few years ago at a library book sale, and figured, how could I not like it? It's The Neverending Story, only it's words!

Well, kids, there IS a difference. The movie totally captivated my young imagination as a child. The book completely bored me as an adult. I could not get into it at all. How disappointing! I tried to muddle about halfway through and then I quit. There were a few good parts here and there, but just not enough. I think I'd rather watch the movie. Ah well.

So I abandoned hope and gave it to my roommate. She reads more fantasy than I do, and I think she'll really like it. I think I might just rent the film and reminisce and leave it at that.

So I picked another book at random, and came up with this:

DSCI0622 I Hated, Hated, Hated this Movie, by Roger Ebert. I bought this years ago at one of those overstock book warehouses, the one that breezes into town with a plethora of overstock, sells what it can in the time it has the space rented, and moves on- like a traveling circus of books (it's a Gold's Gym now).  It is, essentially, a list of the movies that Roger Ebert hated and his justifications for loathing them (it was published in 2000, so all of the flicks are pre-millenium). Funny so far (I'm on page 7, haha). I've already agreed with two of his choices- Ace Ventura and the sequel. The others, I've never even heard of. Anyway, it's funny.

I had to start fasting at 8 p.m. tonight because tomorrow I need to go get bloodwork done (don't worry, I'm fine, just the routine physical bloodwork), so I got my carbs on for dinner and made a yummy pasta dish:

DSCI0623 DSCI0624 2 oz. whole wheat penne rigate, mixed with frozen shrimp, frozen pepper and onion mix, and frozen broccoli, with no-salt-added tomato sauce all jazzed up with spices. Yumsville. And some cherries for dessert. A very super-yummy "Last Meal". Hahaha.

Now it's time to watch the rest of the game, watch Mad Men, and go to bed and hopefully get a good night's sleep. I can't take a sick today because we're slammed at work. This is so NOT the time to be sick (although I guess there's never really a "good time" for it, really). Hope everyone had a great weekend!  :-)


just me said...

i agree with you about the bell jar; i didn't think it was too great and i read it during hs...oh well!

and your dinner looks really great! :)

chandra said...

I LOVE he Never Ending Story!! Too bad the book sucked. :(