Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And as promised...

... a list of my exciting finds and acquisitions from this past weekend's book sales!

Paperback Book Sale on Saturday:

*Good Enough to Eat, by Leslea Newman (Fiction novel about a 25-year-old woman with an eating disorder- bulimia- living in New York City.)

*The Feminine Mystique, by Betty Friedan (This book was supposed to be an amazing book about the feminist movement. I love women's studies/women's empowerment books, and I've heard of this book, and so I was really excited to find it... and for .33 cents, at that! It was a paperback, and paperbacks were 3/$1.)

*The Class, by Erich Segal (A fiction novel about a group of five men who graduated from Harvard in 1958 who reunite for their 25th reunion, and it chronicles their lives from the past 25 years.)

Book Sale on Sunday:

*Peanuts: A Golden Celebration (The Art and Story of the World's Best Comic Strip), by Charles Schulz (This looked really cute and was only $1 for a coffee table book, with lots of illustrations and commentary from the late, great Charles Schulz. I figured, for $1, why not?)

*The Onion Ad Nauseam: Fanfare for the Area Man, Archived Volume #15 (I don't really read The Onion, but this looked really funny, and was only $1)

*I Am Charlotte Simmons, by Tom Wolfe (An 800+-page novel about a girl attending a prestigious Ivy League university. This got mixed reviews, but whatev, I've been wanting to read it for a while)

*6th Target  and *7th Heaven, by James Patterson (This is part of the Women's Murder Club series, and I have all of them in hardback, all purchased from various book sales, and I've been looking for these two in hardback forever and I finally found them! Now I have the whole series in hardback for a fraction of the cost of just one hardback... I find that very exciting.)

*Mommy Wars: Stay-at-Home and Career Moms Face Off on Their Choices, Their Lives, and Their Families, edited by Leslie Morgan Steiner (Again, I love books about women's studies, and I also love sociology books, so I thought this would be an interesting read)

*Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood,  by Susan Linn (A book about how marketing/advertising companies aggressively target young children in their marketing and ad campaigns, the psychology behind it, etc. I LOVE books like these. I find them so interesting)

*A Deadly Game: The Untold Story of the Scott Peterson Investigation, by Catherine Crier (I almost put this back, but I like reading true crime, and at that point of the book sale, it was getting really crowded, overwhelmingly crowded, and I just wanted to pay for my books and get out of there. And it was only $2 and in brand-new condition. So I bought it. I probably didn't need it, but oh well.)

*My Friend Leonard, by James Frey (The sequel to A Million Little Pieces... I promised a friend of mine that I would buy this if I came across it at a book sale)

*Gossip of the Starlings, by Nina deGramont (A fiction novel about two girls in boarding school. I like that whole "school-lit" genre... I read Prep, Admissions, etc., so I thought this would be a fun read)

*Just Between Us, by Cathy Kelly (Cathy Kelly writes Irish chick lit, and if you like chick lit, you should read her... she's great! She reminds me of Marian Keyes. I have almost all of her books. Bonus: it's signed by the author! And was only $1! Hurray!)

So those are my book sale finds! And they've been added to the No Book Left Behind list, of course, and I added the titles to the Still-Unnamed-Box-of-Book-Titles. I really need to get on that and think of something cute and clever.

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I'm a chick-lit book lover, too! And Marian K is wonderful.
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