Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blah week, but exciting weekend!

I'm not going to mince works here- my week sucked. Work sucked. I fought a cold all week.  Shanghai Baby sucked. I quit it about halfway through. It was just one of those weeks that left you physically and mentally drained and everything was totally blah. I could not be happier that the weekend is here... especially because in just a few hours, I will be going to one of my favorite used book sales!!!! I can't wait!!! I'm meeting a friend of mine there bright and early so we can get our pick of the litter (I'm not kidding; people are hard-core about book sales... they start lining up before the doors even open, I've learned from past experience!). And then afterwards we're going to rejoice and celebrate our new finds over much-needed caffeine. I've only been to this particular book sale once, but I found so much great stuff the last time I went... I'm so excited! I'm getting up nice and early and having a big bowl of my favorite cereal (Barbara's Multigrain Shredded Spoonfuls) for book-finding fuel! What better way to end a bad week than with an awesome book sale, I ask you???  :-)

I'll be back tomorrow to post all about my new finds! Hope you are all having a great weekend so far!!!

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