Thursday, January 8, 2009

Won't you take me to... funkytown

I apologize that I haven't blogged this week, mainly because nothing's really been going on, and I've spent the past few days in a bit of a funk. I don't know if it's the miserable weather, or what. It's been cold, gray, rainy, blah, and wretched pretty much all week. It's hard to be in a good mood when you haven't seen the sun in almost a week. January is so gray and depressing.

I was in a massively blah mood for most of today, and for no real reason whatsoever. Does that ever happen to anyone else- you're just in a bad mood for absolutely no reason? I just felt in total bitch-on-wheels mode for most of today. I'm pretty sure it's the weather, both outside and inside. I spent most of the day freezing at my cubicle, which I do most days anyway regardless of what season it is. They blast the AC in the summer and skimp on the heat in the winter. At least in the summer I can go outside and thaw out, but that's clearly not an option for a while. So I sit at my desk, shivering, wearing layers (sometimes, I'm not exaggerating, I wear up to three sweaters at work), and I keep a heating pad at my desk, and at least once a day I need to turn it on and put it on my legs. How ridiculous is that???

Well, at least the weekend is only a day away, right? And it's payday! Which is good because I definitely need groceries- I need to hit the whole trifecta this weekend- Target, Trader Joe's, and my beloved Wegmans. Also, I feel the need to indulge in some retail therapy, but because I only believe in hitting clearance racks and sales (that's my version of "indulging", haha), and so I'm thinking of hitting up Pier 1 Imports too. Their regular-priced stuff is outrageous, but their clearance/sale items are amazing. And I need bowls and plates that I can actually use in the microwave (I tend to buy the cutesy plates that are not microwave-safe. I'm bright, I know).

None of my meals have been all that exciting either. Because I needed to use up my sour cream, a lot of sweet potatoes were consumed this week. Not to say my meals weren't tasty, they just didn't vary much. Mostly baked potato concoctions. And since I'm low on food, tonight was just a grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies and a salad. I didn't feel a camera was necessary for that.

So I finished Irish Girls About Town tonight after a quick Pilates workout... and I really enjoyed it! I love Irish chick lit. Irish writers seem to have this subtle wit and humor about them. Not to say we don't have plenty of that in our American chick lit, but the Irish have this almost sly and sneaky way of getting in quips and anecdotes, you know what I mean, jellybeans? ;-)   Ah, us Irish, we're so witty and clever, even after knocking back a few pints!   ;-)   If you've never given Irish chick lit a try, I'd strongly recommend it. Some great Irish chick lit authors to try: Cathy Kelly, Maeve Binchy, Catherine Barry, Colette Cadelle, and Sarah Webb.

So what's my new book du jour, you ask? Well, I proudly present to you my latest read:

DSCI0953  Tripping the Prom Queen: The Truth About Women and Rivalry, by Susan Shapiro Brash. The author takes a look at the often-unspoken rivalry that goes on between women (whether through careers, friendships, sisters, etc), why rivalry occurs, how it's different from rivalry between men (we are much cattier about it, haha), healthy competition vs/ unhealthy competition, etc. So basically, a book about why we're such bitches to each other sometimes! I saw this in the bargain section of Barnes and Noble over the summer, and thought it sounded really interesting. There's lots of great pop culture references in it too, like Gilmore Girls, Mean Girls, Heathers, That 70s Show, etc. And there's lots and lots of personal stories in there... those are my favorite!

I'll probably read a few pages tonight, maybe. I'm pretty tired and want to catch up on everyone's blogs, and I have a feeling I'll be crashing and burning early tonight (fine by me- I could always use the extra sleep!), but we'll see.

Hope everyone had a great Thursday! Happy almost-Friday!!!   :-)

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hope you're having a good weekend and your blah mood went away :)