Monday, January 26, 2009

No fair... I wanna hop on the white chocolate macadamia nut love train too!

Every blog I visit these days have beautiful pictures of the brand new Clif and Luna White Chocolate Macadamia Nut bars, and everyone's raving about how delicious they are and how they're the best things in the world and they're so sweet and tasty and wonderful, and it's seriously channeling the inner four-year-old brat in me who wants to scream, "No fair!" (Not, um, that I ever did that... I was an extraordinarily well-behaved child with perfect manners all the time who never once threw a temper tantrum. Okay, fine, I wasn't that either. I was somewhere in the middle.)

Where on earth are you all finding these bars???? I've checked their website and don't even see this flavor on there! I haven't seen them in supermarkets either. I haven't been to TJs recently, but I need to take a trip there this weekend so I'll definitely be on the lookout. Hell, I'll even venture to Whole Foods if need be. I ordinarily don't shop there- the one by me is always so crowded- plus I think they're a little on the pricey side- although I admit, some stuff isn't, and is actually even cheaper in some cases. But I digress. Please clue me in!!! I want to get in on the WCM love too!

Enough whining. I am happy to report that I got through Monday relatively unscathed. I was tired and cold most of the day, but that's nothing new. I hope you all had decent Mondays as well!

So I've had to resort to wearing stretch gloves indoors now. My hands have been chapped, cracked, bleeding, and hurting pretty much all throughout winter because of all the dry air. And I'm sick of seeing little tiny spots of blood on my books and paper. I have all sorts of creams and lotions that I've been trying, plus hydrocortisone cream, and some of them don't work at all, and the ones that do work (Aquaphor has been helping the most) are very thick and greasy, so I can't really touch, well, anything when I put it on. So I have resorted to wearing stretch gloves inside, and putting them on after I put on the Aquaphor. I look completely ridiculous- I look like I'm about to go pull a bank heist and I don't want my fingerprints at the scene of the crime- but it's actually working. The gloves are preventing the lotion from being exposed to air, and I think it helps to work it into my hands more because of the same reasons. Plus, it's alleviating the pain- I feel fine- and I can read and write and type and not have to be in pain and stress about bleeding on anything. I'm wearing them as I type right now. This is just one of oh-so-many reasons why I abhor winter immensely. Well, hopefully there's just a few weeks of misery left. In my mind, March 1= spring. I know that's not entirely true, but let me be.   :-)

Hey, is anyone else going to watch that new TNT show Trust Me, with Eric McCormack (Will from Will & Grace)? I'm going to go check it out. It's starting, well, now, so on that note, goodnight!   :-)

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