Thursday, January 1, 2009

A tasty start to 2009

I love when I have a full day of awesome meals. It's the little things in life that make me happy. :-)

For lunch today, all I wanted was soup, so I opened up a can of my favorite- Health Valley Organic No-Salt Added Lentil Soup- and threw some spinach in it for some extra veggie love. I also threw in a few dashes of ground turmeric and curry powder, so it was almost like Indian food (which I love, and now that I think about it, haven't had in a really long time... I'll have to rectify that!):

DSCI0914And I went with an always-loved favorite for dinner: a baked potato concoction!

DSCI0918 A microwaved sweet potato, topped with melted reduced-fat cheddar cheese, steamed broccoli, and a Boca burger broken into pieces. With fat-free sour cream and chipotle salsa on the side for my dipping amusement. This was, as always, a delicious meal! This is hands down one of my favorite meals- it's so easy to make, delicious, filling, and above all, healthy! And it always hits the spot. :-)

I'm off to do some reading and channel-surfing now... goodnight!!! :-)

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