Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ghost town

That's the best way I can describe my office today... virtually deserted! We had quite the snowfall overnight, which turned into a combination of sleet and ice in the morning. You know, the really fun stuff. The roads were actually fine, but cleaning off my car was another story. I swear, all the snow fell directly on my car.  :-)   And my parking lot was virtually an ice skating rink. I had the closest spot possible to my apartment, and getting to it was quite an adventure!

The nice thing about almost no one being in the office is that it's quiet and there's not a lot of work. I had a few projects on my desk to keep me occupied though.  And everything turned to slushy rain by afternoon anyway, so the roads were actually fine! I'm terrified of driving in this weather- I can do rain, I can deal with snow, but the ice... that's another story!!! Luckily, that wasn't an issue. Hopefully we can repeat that pattern tomorrow morning. And dare I venture to say- me, of all people- that it wasn't even that cold when I left the gym tonight around 5:45. I know saying that will come back to bite me in the ass tomorrow, and it's going to be frigid cold. I have that kind of luck- I think it comes with being Irish.  ;-)

Speaking of Irish, I'm so into my book right now! I hate whenever I have to put it down and focus on other aspects of my life, like working, sleeping, driving, etc. It's that good. Cathy Kelly has this amazing way of drawing you so into the lives of their characters, you definitely feel like you really get to know them, and you find yourself experiencing the emotions they do, going through the good and the bad right there with them. And she's funny. I find myself laughing out loud from something on every other page. I'm so, so glad that I picked this book. I have four Cathy Kelly books- her books are kind of hard to find because she's an international author. Every book of hers I own, I acquired from a used book sale. I've read one so far, and I'm working my way through this one, and the other two are patiently waiting to be read. I'll get to them, don't worry about that!!!! Hence the whole point of "No Book Left Behind", right?  ;-D Anyway. If you can get your hands on a Cathy Kelly book and you love chick lit, I strongly suggest you give her a try. You won't be disappointed! Especially if you like British chick lit, like Jane Green and Sophie Kinsella... it's definitely along the same lines of humor... that sly and witty humor, and everyone drinks one too many "pints" at the "pub", and eats "biscuits" and "Indian curry takeaway" and goes on " grand holidays".   :-)

Sorry I don't have a more exciting post, other than griping about the weather, LOL. It was just a rather uneventful day. My plans tonight include reading, relaxing, writing in my journal, and getting my Top Chef  on. My dinner tonight is simplistic- a sandwich and steamed broccoli and a salad- I have some tuna I want to use up, and salad mix I want to use up, and hummus that I want to use up, and well, just eat in general, because hummus is fabulous. I never ate tuna as a kid, because I despise mayonnaise and anything that has mayo in it, and I always have, so I've always steered clear of tuna and egg salad sandwiches, since they're always based with mayo. But I do like tuna sushi and just in general. And then as an adult who makes her own meals, I've just learned to use substitutes for mayo to make those things, like mustard, sour cream, etc. Kind of sad it took me so long to realize that, huh? I just never really gave it much thought, LOL. So that's dinner. And something fabulous for a bedtime snack. I just haven't decided what yet. We'll see what craving strikes before bed.   :-)

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Anonymous said...

I've made tuna salad with salsa instead of mayo - very low cal. Isn't the internet great? all you have to do is google for a food item and you get awesome sugs.