Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowy day off

Greetings from snowy PA! It snowed here all afternoon, slow but steady! It didn't look too bad at first, but they just said on the news that the roads are a little slippery, and I have yet to see anyone plow our parking lot. Good thing I got home before it got too bad! I had debated going to the gym after lunch, but looking at my totally unplowed parking lot, I decided just to stay put! I got a lot of stuff done around the apartment, like laundry, getting stuff ready for work tomorrow, loading and unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming... we'll just consider all that my cardio for the day. And I helped paint a retirement home this morning, so we'll call that my strength training, haha. Although there were so many volunteers- more than needed- that it felt like I was doing more standing around than painting! Oh well- I guess it's better to have too many volunteers for a project than not enough! We were done by 10:30! But I needed a shower ASAP afterwards, not only from the paint that I got on myself, but also because apparently there was a nasty bout of a GI virus circulating around the senior center last week- there were a few memos about it on some bulletin boards- along with some safety precautions to take to stay healthy. Needless to say, that made some of the volunteers a little anxious, including myself! Right now I'm doing a load of laundry with the clothes I wore today in there- I'm sure I have nothing to worry about, but I really don't feel like getting a nasty 24-hour stomach bug, so I'm playing it safe just in case!

Is anyone else getting excited for tomorrow and the inauguration? We're actually allowed to watch the inauguration at our desks tomorrow online- pretty cool, huh? I didn't think we would be able to! One of my coworkers actually took the whole day off to watch it.

So the Eagles lost yesterday, so no Super Bowl hopes and dreams for Philly this year. Ah well. We still have the World Series win! Good thing we had off today so my coworkers could spend the day mourning the loss (and most likely nursing some hangovers, although I suspect that would be going on regardless of whether the Birds won or lost, haha).

My weekend was nice and low-key, which is just what I needed. This is going to be a really busy hell of a week at work. I'm already looking forward until the upcoming weekend! LOL. We have a lot of projects coming in with extremely tight deadlines, so I'm going to be a busy, busy bee. Oh well. We always get through it! Luckily my team works together very well, and we're really good at helping each other out during busy times and everyone doing their fair share of the work, so that helps a lot.

I have, like, 50 pages left in One Small Thing, and I REALLY wanna finish it tonight, so I'm off to go do that! I wanted to try and finish it this afternoon so I could post a review and pick a new book, but restlessness got the better of me (probably from not going to the gym!), so I did some domestic multitasking instead. Sometimes, I have a hard time just sitting still and chilling and vegging out. A lot of the time, actually. Normally I get rid of the excess energy by running some errands or hitting the gym, and that helps a lot. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to be a little more, well, chill? ;-) So I think I'm going to finish the book tonight, and post a review tomorrow. This book is too damn good to put down. So I'm going to pick it back up! :-)

I hope you all had wonderful Mondays- sorry to the people who had to work today. :-( Goodnight!

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