Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why I might not ever need to buy soup again

I made this soup recipe for lunch today: DSCI0861 It was only three ingredients, and it was awesome! (Well, okay, four if you count the dollop of ff sour cream I threw on top of it). I didn't have any fat-free refried beans, so I used Goya low-sodium black beans instead. I used chipotle salsa, so it was seriously spicy. And seriously yummy! I also threw in some crinkle-cut carrots for some extra veggie love... okay, fine, so it was five ingredients. But so ridiculously easy to make, buying canned soup might be a thing of the past for a while! Plus, lots of leftovers! So it's cheaper than a can of soup too. Happiness all around.

And I did one of my all-time faves for dinner tonight:

DSCI0864 A baked sweet potato with reduced-fat cheddar cheese, a Boca vegan burger crumbled into pieces, and frozen broccoli florets, with a little bit of crushed red pepper and black pepper. Wegmans was out of the Boca crumbles, so I substituted a veggie burger in its place, and it was just as tasty, if not tastier! On the side I made up a little dip consisting of chipotle salsa, fat-free sour cream, and chili pepper sauce. I am the proud owner of a happy and satisfied tummy.  :-)

Is anyone else being driven to the brink of insanity by that Target commercial with the kids dressed as elves, singing, "There's no place like Target at Christmas to save!". I swear, they are following me from channel to channel, taunting me!

I actually have to work a half-day tomorrow... it's my first and only day in the office this week... I'm going to have to force myself to go to bed in a little while! I'm a night owl by nature and can stay up until 2 a.m. easily... and I have been doing so for the past few nights. Perhaps I should have tried to go to bed a little earlier last night in preparation for tomorrow... oh well. It's not like there's going to be any real work going on tomorrow anyway. Last year I brought a book and read at my desk.   :-D

OMG!!!! THE TARGET KIDS ARE ON TV NOW!!! I SWEAR, THEY'RE STALKING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!   :-D   Make them go away!!!!!! 

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Anonymous said...

ooo that soup sounds super simple and flavorful!