Monday, December 8, 2008

No excuses

I wish I had a really great reason for my lack of posts, like I was out doing a ton of holiday shopping, or I was off having a jet-set weekend getaway in Bermuda... but the truth of the matter is, I was just lazy and didn't really have much to update anyone on anyway. :-D

My weekend was nice. I went and saw Four Christmases on Friday night with some girlfriends, and it was really funny and cute! I liked it a lot. I mean, how can you go wrong with a cast like Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon, Mary Steenburgen, Robert Duvall, and Kristin Chenowith? I also saw a preview for He's Just Not That Into You... I'm definitely going to have to see that! And I'm starting to see commercials for Bride Wars too... I forget when that's coming out, but I'm definitely going to see that! I heard that Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson didn't get along on the set... oh, how I love to hear about feuding celebrity on-set drama!!!! :-) And one of my favorite books is going to be a movie soon too- Confessions of a Shopaholic- have you read that? It's a series, and that's the first book... they are so funny! I <3 British chick lit. The Brits have such a great sense of humor!

I had a seriously difficult time getting out of bed this morning. I just felt extra warm and cozy in bed today. Plus, the cheerful weatherman letting me know how cold it was going to be today certainly didn't make it any easier. Jerk. I pretty much dragged all morning at work too (although the chocolate-flavored coffee helped).

I'm about 90 pages into Consuming Kids, and I'm really enjoying it. I just started the chapter on food marketing to kids in schools, so I'm all sorts of excited about that.

No exciting meal concoctions lately either. I just picked up some more Arnold's Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins this weekend, so a lot of my meals have been in veggie burgers or chicken sandwiches. I was inspired by See Sarah Eat to try and use it more of the stuff I've had lying around my cupboards and in my freezer for a while. So there might be a lot of veggie burgers and chicken going on this week. It's all good, though, because then I can go crazy on my next grocery trip, LOL.

Sorry I'm not a more exciting blogger this week! Maybe something amazing will happen tomorrow. Either way, I'll post anyway. :-D

Time to go read all your blogs and hit the hay. Goodnight!

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