Thursday, February 26, 2009

Almost there!

We're almost to Friday!!!! Hurray!!!

So who else was bummed out about last night's finale of Top Chef? At first, I was okay with Hosea winning if Carla didn't win, because I think Stefan is a bit of a pompous ass. But I got to thinking about it today, and as much of a jerk Stefan was, he did  make better dishes, and was a lot more consistent than Hosea. I can't think of one dish that Hosea made this entire season. But I really wanted Carla to win the most... if only she hadn't listened to Casey and gone with her gut instinct and hadn't made those souffles. I was disappointed all around. Oh, and did anyone else get skeeved out watching Stefan cut up the alligator? Ewwww! Has anyone out there ever tried alligator???   I have... I'm actually quite a fan of it!!! I think it's delicious! A lot of people think it tastes like chicken, but I actually think it tastes like sausage. In any event, it's quite a tasty delicacy!

I finished up A Wedding in December  at the gym today. My thoughts? Eh. Not the worst book I've ever read, but it didn't rock my world either. The plot was a little slow, and dry, and many of the characters were underdeveloped in my opinion. On the other hand, it would make an excellent Lifetime movie.

My next book pick was exactly what I need right now-

DSCI1101 Swapping Lives, by Jane Green! Hurray- a bona fide chick lit book, complete with a glittery pink cover and everything... this is just what I need at the moment!!! It's about two women- one an editor at a high-fashion magazine in London, but hopelessly single and longing for the husband/kids/country house, and the other a suburban stay-at-home Connecticut mama who feels completely unfulfilled with her life- and they swap lives for a month courtesy of the editor posting a contest in her magazine and the suburbanista entering and winning. I'm only on page 7 and I can already see where this is all going to go in the end... but that's okay! I love, love, LOVE Jane Green and I am totally  in the mood for some fun and breezy chick lit, so I am all sorts of excited to be reading this baby.

For dinner tonight, I did one of my baked potato concoctions:  kind of like a twist on a vegetarian cheesesteak.

DSCI1102 My camera is acting kinda quirky so this is the only pic I could get, I apologize. In any event, it's a sweet potato, melted reduced-fat Swiss cheese, Boca crumbles, and pepper/onion stir fry mix. On the side I made some "spicy ketchup"- organic ketchup and TJ's chili pepper sauce. This was scrumptious.   :-)    I never get sick of these. I really don't. Maybe because sweet potatoes are so versatile and you can dress 'em up about a thousand different ways.   :-)

All right, as much as I love blogging and updating my life, the new episode of 30 Rock  needs my undivided attention now.

Happy Almost-TGIF, friends!!!   :-)

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Anonymous said...

ha! I've eaten alligator sausage! I'm going to post a recipe on Tuesday that you might like.... (teaser!)