Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How can it only be Wednesday???

Is anyone else's week SERIOUSLY dragging? I honestly can't believe that it's only Wednesday. I have no idea why this week is going by so slowly. Work is busy, but not overwhelming, so I'm busy, but not slammed, so it's not from boredom. And it's not a BAD week or anything, it just seems to be creeping along at a ridiculously slow snail's pace for some inexplicable reason. My roommate and several of my coworkers agreed. Maybe it's just summer coming to a close? I don't know. At least America's Next Top Model  is on tonight. And it's the makeover episode, so at least one girl is guaranteed to cry over her new look, so that'll be some good TV.

I'm about one-third of the way through Goodnight Nobody  and I am totally loving it. I love Jennifer Weiner and all of her books, and this one is no different from all of her others for me. The mystery and the murder is a bit far-fetched, in my opinion, but hey, if I wanted real murder and suspense, I'd be reading Stephen King or John Grisham, not Jennifer Weiner, you know?  ;)

Today I noticed as I was leaving work, that it smelled like autumn outside for the first time this year. I can't describe the smell, exactly, but I think you all know what I'm talking about- there's just this scent to the fall air, you know???? And I definitely breathed in some of it today. It was nice, and refreshing, but a little bittersweet, because I'm a true-blue summer gal, and while fall is beautiful and I'm excited to bust out the fall sweaters that have been patiently waiting around in my closet waiting to be worn for months, fall tends to remind me that winter is slowly approaching, and I hate winter intensely. I cannot stand being cold, and no matter what I do, I feel like I can't get warm. Thank God we have free heat. But still, it's cold and gray and dark and depressing and COLD. But I'm trying not to think about that, and live in the moment, and appreciate the beauty of fall. No reason to give autumn the cold shoulder (no pun intended) just because it's a bit of a segue into my least favorite time of year.

Hope you're all having a great week (hopefully going a bit faster than mine!) and having some nice pleasant fall weather of your own.  :)

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just me said...

hope the rest of your week starts to go by faster! i can't wait for my weekend (bday weekend! yay!)

and i know what you mean about fall...nice as it is, it means winter is right around the corner; and like you, i HATE being cold....YUCK. I can never seem to get warm, EVER.

when winter comes, warm vibes to you babe.